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To achieve the business’s printing objectives, purchasing printing equipment for lease, rent, or sale is a fundamental requirement. The company uses highly specialized industrial plotters, printers, photocopiers, and fax photocopiers for better output or professional outcomes. To save money and avoid having to deal with depreciation, it is always wise and cost-effective to lease or rent printers, photocopiers, and plotters for your company rather than buy them.

amc & fsma

Services We Offer

You don’t have to be concerned about the equipment we provide whether there is a breakdown or malfunction using our printer FSMA services. For all the equipments we sell or lease, we guarantee


Assured Maintenance

For the equipment you have leased or rented from us, we guarantee the greatest care and servicing in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and Abu Dhabi. By agreeing to the yearly contract, we guarantee that our company will carry out


Ensures Easy Repair

Our printer FSMA services provide not only prompt maintenance and upgrades but also flawless repairs if a machine malfunctions. We offer equipment that is in a professional and top-notch shape because we have skilled


Reduce Expense

The Full-service Maintenance Agreement aids in covering your costs for printer or plotter failure repairs and timely maintenance. While leasing or renting the printers, plotters, or copiers from us, depreciation and a change of printer to

amc & fsma

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

A maintenance agreement that details when and how repairs will be made will assist to guarantee that you receive the best results and productivity out of your investment in AMC Printers and Copiers, which are crucial to all organizations. Simply buying a branded printer is insufficient; even branded products do not always function without errors. At First Print, we specialize in providing fully tailored Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for small businesses to large clients. Our staff of engineers are experienced and fully certified. We work to assist our clients in maintaining the performance of their equipment at the required level by providing devoted on-call support and a response time that is significantly faster than the industry standard.


Why Is AMC Essential For Your Business?

For the majority of firms, survival is the most crucial objective in a market that is becoming more and more competitive. However, if you are preoccupied with micromanagement concerns like printer slowdowns or cartridge problems, it could be difficult for you to concentrate on more crucial areas of your company and its long-term objectives. An AMC for your printer functions as insurance coverage for it. When a problem arises with your printer or copier, we can assist you in quickly identifying and correcting the problem.

amc & fsma

Here is a list of the benefits of signing an AMC contract to maintain your office supplies like printers:

Regular inspections are done to make sure your equipment is operating without any issues.
Prevent unanticipated lags and errors with your printers and copiers.
As and when necessary, we are more than delighted to offer discounts on additional services and equipment improvements.
Choose AMC to avoid having to spend time and money making separate calls for repairs and maintenance.
Our Printer AMC costs are set and free of any additional fees.
Our repair and maintenance staff responds much faster than industry standards, which helps your company save time, energy, and resources.
amc & fsma

What Does Printer AMC consist of?

The following details are typically included in our annual maintenance contracts for printers and copiers:

A promise that regular checks would be done to ensure that the printer continues to work without problems.
The names of the companies and addresses of the parties who are signing the agreement.
Specifics regarding the equipment for which the contract is being signed.
Specifics, including the number of maintenance visits
per year.
Conditions that could result in the AMC contract being terminated.


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